Ideal Technologies, Inc.

Ideal Technologies, Inc. is a provider of managed technology and IT security services located in the central Virginia, USA area and servicing the entire United States.

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Ideal Technologies, Inc. is a provider of managed IT and cloud based IT services located in central Virginia, USA. They offer complete managed and outsourced IT services to businesses across the globe, designed to reduce IT headaches and computer problems while increasing IT reliability and maximizing employee productivity.

They accomplish this through their core lineup of services including Remote Monitoring of business server and workstation health, robust Managed Security featuring the best protection and best performance you can get in device security. Web Protection services safeguard businesses and employees by securing against websites with malware, phishing, proxies, spyware, adware, botnets, and spam. Managed Patch Management helps maintain a secure, compliant network for businesses, providing support for many popular applications, and Managed Online Backup provides continuous backup of mission-critical data giving peace of mind that business data is safe and secure, no matter what.

Contrasting the traditional break-fix methodology to IT support that most technology providers use – where the service provider hugely profits from your technology infrastructure failing – IdealMSP’s goal is to proactively monitor IT infrastructure in an effort to identify and prevent IT problems from escalating into infrastructure downtime, data loss, and inevitable financial loss.

At Ideal Technologies their main focus is their clients, and their business depends on their client’s success. Whether a business has five users or a thousand users, whatever the businesses requirements are they can count on Ideal Technologies to keep them going.

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