Royal Leo Holdings Companies

Royal Leo Holdings is a majority shareholder in the following companies, brands, products, and services.

Alice in Eden Boutique Botanicals

Alice in Eden is a startup skincare and cosmetics company that will provide boutique-style cosmetic, skincare, and bath products including bath bombs and oils, shower scrubs and gels, shampoos, face cleansers, moisturizers and balms, body lotions, creams and cleansers, perfume, and other spa and wellness related products. Alice In Eden has a focus on using natural ingredients and a commitment to boutique style, naturally safe, and USA-made products.

Alice in Eden is currently in the startup phases with an anticipated launch by the end of the fourth quarter of 2021.

Ideal Technologies, Inc.

Ideal Technologies, Inc. is a provider of managed technology and IT security services located in the central Virginia, USA area and servicing the entire United States. Ideal Technologies services include web development, cloud technology services & management, computer & technology consulting services, remote health & security monitoring services, website maintenance & monitoring services, and more. Royal Leo Holdings acquired Ideal Technologies in 2017 as a wholly-owned subsidiary.


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Royal Leo Brands, LLC

Royal Leo Brands, LLC was created as an umbrella for all of the eCommerce and retail properties of Royal Leo Holdings, Ltd., which are not standalone companies/brands. Royal Leo Brands currently manages and operates the websites Red Hot Affair, Corset Warehouse, Ritzy Redneck, Pops HQ, and Lingerie Junkie.

Royal Leo Media

Royal Leo Media was created as an umbrella for all of the media properties of Royal Leo Holdings, Ltd., including all online or print media outlets such as blogs, podcasts, video channels, etc.

Royal Leo Media currently manages the properties of our blogging and media properties Cardboard Prospector and Cigar Informer. 


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Royal Leo Property Holdings, LLC

Royal Leo Property Holdings was created for the sole purpose of investing and holding real property. With a focus on investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts and the acquisition of real estate property for future development.

Future plans for Royal Leo Property include property development and improvement, with an intended focus on improving and developing distressed properties, and working in partnership with housing assistance programs to provide quality, safe and affordable housing to members of our communities in need. 

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Virginia Cherry

Virginia Cherry is a startup clothing company that designs and retails fashion items for women, focusing on swimwear and activewear apparel. We are currently working with our designers to create fresh, modern styles for the modern woman. Updates on the launch of Virginia Cherry will be provided as the project progresses. 


Royal Leo Holdings, Ltd. is a privately held family-owned investment group focused on long term investments. Our strategy is to build a diversified portfolio using a long-term buy and build approach. We provide our companies with professional management, expert technical assets and support, and high potential talent to accelerate their growth.  Royal Leo Holdings, Ltd. is dedicated to promoting and preserving the American way. 

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