For the purposes of having clear and separate business functions of this corporation and its subsidiary companies, brands, services and intellectual property, and in an effort to consolidate media assets for better management and operation, the directors of Royal Leo Holdings, Ltd., has authorized the forming a new media holdings division, Royal Leo Media, LLC, which will operate and manage all media assets of the Royal Leo Holdings group, digital and physical, including, but not limited to our blogs, podcasts, pay for use websites and all other media publications.

Currently, Royal Leo operates two digital media outlets, Cardboard Prospector and Cigar Informe. Plans for the addition of multiple podcasts and a weekly video production are currently in development with an anticipated launch starting first quarter of 2021.

Royal Leo Media, LLC shall be entrusted with the development, management and operation of;

Cigar Informer blog media site (
Cigars HQ blog media site (
Cardboard Prospector blog media and eCommerce site (

Some of the aforementioned media properties are already in production, while others are currently in development. A new website for Royal Leo Media is in development and will be launched in the coming weeks, which will provide detailed information on all of the media properties under its management as well as insights into upcoming projects from the Royal Leo Holdings group.