The new year brings new projects and Royal Leo Holdings, Ltd. is hitting the ground running this month with the formation of our new company Royal Leo Property Holdings, LLC. The company was formed on 10 January 2019 for the purposes of buying and holding land and real property, with an intent of purchasing, holding and reselling for profit. Royal Leo Property Holdings, LLC is a single member limited liability company and wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Leo Holdings, Ltd.

Over the course of the next year Royal Leo Property Holdings will be focused on the acquisition of rural and underdeveloped land for the purposes of holding and later reselling, however a focus on distressed properties has been decided as well, with the intent of purchasing distressed properties and rehabilitating them into beautiful, safe and livable homes and then making these rehabilitated properties available to low income families. The decision on whether these rehabilitated properties will be made available strictly as low income rentals, or offering a low income housing purchase option has yet to be decided at this early stage of the company formation. One of the key factors in pursuing the rehabilitated properties project will be the formation of strategic partnerships with contractors and charitable organizations in the community to help support the necessary repairs and construction of distressed properties.

More information about the progress of this new venture will be made available as the project progresses. If you have a desire to partner with us concerning the acquisition and rehabilitation of distressed properties in our communities, please use the contact page to get in touch.