For the purposes of having clear and separate business functions of this corporation and its subsidiary companies, brands, services and intellectual property, the directors of Royal Leo Holdings, Ltd., has authorized the forming a new division, Royal Leo Brands, LLC, for the purpose of operating and managing the eCommerce properties of the Royal Leo Holdings group. Royal Leo Brands will specifically operate and manage the retail eCommerce properties of Royal Leo Holdings, Ltd., which are not specific to a particular company.

Royal Leo Brands, LLC shall be entrusted with the development, management and operation of;

Red Hot Affair eCommerce site, (
Ritzy Redneck eCommerce site, (
Lingerie Junkie eCommerce site (
Peach Panties eCommerce site (
Corset Warehouse eCommerce site (
PopsHQ eCommerce site (
Candles with Bling eCommerce site (
PrimoTix Event Ticketing eCommerce site (
Mystic Hemp eCommerce site (

Some of the aforementioned eCommerce properties are already in production, while others are currently in development. A new website for Royal Leo Brands is in production, which will provide detailed information on all of the eCommerce properties under its management as well as insights into upcoming projects from the Royal Leo Holdings group.

Formation of this new entity and transfer of the above referenced brands and services should be completed by the end of Q3 2021.