Today we announce the official launch of our newest project Cigar Informer, a cigar lifestyle and enthusiast website dedicated to providing relevant news about the cigar industry, updates to cigar smokers about the latest deals on cigar products, and feature articles about cigar lifestyle including cigar reviews from the in house panel of cigar enthusiasts who will be running the Cigar Informer website, as well as accessory and product reviews, retailer reviews and general interest articles specific to cigar and pipe smokers.

Our own Chief Operations Officer Paul Leming has been announced as the Editor in Chief of the Cigar Informer website and will be in charge of the day to day operations of the website, managing social media presence and managing the content of the website. The Cigar Informer website was the brain child of Paul, a cigar enthusiast himself and avid cigar smoker for the last 17 years, and has been in the planning stages for the last several months following the acquisition of the domain After careful consideration by the board the decision was made to sponsor the project and move forward with its development.

In the beginning stages of the site focus will be on development of site awareness, which will be accomplished through the promotion of the website through social media outlets and promotion of a giveaway contest to draw attention to the website from cigar enthusiasts on social media. Paul has planned the first giveaway to be hosted in September, following about 30 days of the site being live and generally available. In consideration of generating revenue from the project, the decision was made to enroll the website in several affiliate programs of major online cigar retailers, as well as niche product and service companies which would appeal to cigar smokers. Additionally, the website has been equipped with an eCommerce platform and will promote branded items such as coffee mugs and apparel, and a wholesale account has been established with a major cigar and pipe accessories manufacturer, the products of which will be sold in the Cigar Informer online store.

Several other developments with the brand are planned, and as the groundwork for these future plans are laid out updates will be provided. Interested parties can visit the website at