Royal Leo Holdings, Ltd. has launched a new website dedicated to the trading card and comics collectors and investors market called Cardboard Prospector. The project of Royal Leo Holdings founder and president, Cardboard Prospector is a predominately blogging/news/opinion platform that will be looking at and analyzing items from the trading card, comics, and collectibles genres including sports cards, non-sports cards, vintage and modern comics, and more.

The website will feature at a minimum, weekly posts about the latest prospects (card or comics purchases) – those being items which are purchased for the purpose of having graded or reselling at a profit, as well as posts about investment purchases, those being items which are already graded by a third-party authenticator and being purchased for the purpose of holding for gain and selling for a profit.

The highlight of the website will be looking at pricing trends of cards and comics and providing insight as to why certain items are being searched for or why we are buying specific cards or comics. In addition to information and opinions, the platform includes an eCommerce outlet for the purchase of secondary market cards and collectibles, as well as a large social media presence, with social media commerce.

Cardboard Prospector is a pet project of the Royal Leo Holdings. Ltd. founder who is an avid investor in alternative investment vehicles. Cardboard Prospector is currently in the process of securing agreements with distributors in the trading cards, comics, and collectibles sector in order to launch a full eCommerce outlet, which will retail trading cards, comics, and collectibles. The website is also offering advertising services for card sellers from social media outlets.

Royal Leo Holdings is excited to add this new project to our portfolio and given the current market of sports card collecting and investing, we anticipate Cardboard Prospector to be huge success in the coming months and look forward to its possible growth potential, including the opening of brick and mortar retail outlets.